Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Movies To Watch NOW !

I've finished using up my movie vouchers which i can watch at $7per movie... :(
Plus my busy workload...i have plenty of movies to catch up wif.

Just want to recommend highly is Over the Hedge. It's e only movie that make me feel like eating Nachos and Pringles during the movie.

Here's my top 10 WANT-TO-WATCH
1. Bench Warmers - Rob sch-nai-der is a classic. He's da hero among the losers lah. Hahaha.... the person to look out is that blur goon doo geek who cant react properly to a hot potato.

2. R.V.

- Robbie Williams. Robbin Williams. Robbie....aiya! Whatever his name is, i find i prefer to watch him than any jim carrey movie.

3. Nacho Libre

Classic classic! Plainly funny that i cant describe. Just go for it!

4. The Lake House

The lake house is a english version of a korean movie which a sian doctor writes to a pang-sai also bo eng to go architect. I want to find out how their relationship develops by just writing letters. Quite interesting. Maybe Sandra Bullocks takes very provocative photos of herself n sent together with the letters. Then Keanu Reeves reply with similar photos. Heh heh. Well, the main thing i want to watch is because of this 2 beautiful ppl. Sandra rocks.

Sooo.......anyone sending letters for me ???
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