Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Should i buy a new Ipod???!!!

Help help!!! I'm so indecisive!!!! Should i get??? $499 $488 leh.

Colour screen, bigger screen, flatter, more disk space..... How???? Plus LONGER BATTERY LIFE!!! mine now last for only 4hours....

Last night was helping Laney to pack her luggage and stationary. Was tryin to imagine myself packing if i'm goin overseas to study.
I cant bear to go to sleep without looking at my little toys. I want to bring everything over....Confirm 80% all DHL. haha.

Counting down the days to her flight wor. Gonna miss her like mad. Short of one photo kaki and msn/hello buddy. Haizzzz.....

Anyway, office now no air-con. Spoilt sia. Heng i'm not wearing long sleeves today.
If not i bcum baked hASHbrown.
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