Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My hobby and my interest

I have been shooting over the past 2 weekends. Friends have commented good reviews.(thanks! but there's room for improvement)
I hope i can take more to learn and capture the fun and memories to remind everyone.

Aiyo...my camera... 6 months old onli...( Please dun point it at direct sunlight!!! very harmful!!!thanks......haiz.... )

Was on forum today and saw this 2 new cameras selling at Comex 2006.
I feel very gian to test (n perhaps own one?)



Buay ta han... I can say pentax is cheaper. $1300 n less u can get e kit. I juz wanna try n feel the pentax.
Duno where this urge come from.

Plus, i saw a Ricoh camera at centrepoint the other time. GR-D! True 28mm lens. Great for landscape n macro. Small and compact with manual controls! Ah!!!
Here's the GR-D . See n u will know.

I tot a Nikonian always a Nikonian... oh no...
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