Monday, August 07, 2006

Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006

Hey ppl.... I'm BACK......

On MC lah.... Doc say contagous. Gave 2 days MC. Sorry to keep u all worried that i've disappeared. Too knocked out by the medicine to inform u guys...

I was up and about again on saturday despite the leaking tap. Still have the floating effect from the medicine...including slow response and dazed look.

Evening time, i went down to Esplanade area to wait patiently for the fireworks.
2 fellow snappers there are 油菜 and MarcusW.

油菜 was there early and he managed to help us got good spots. THANK YOU!!!

Was my 2nd time shooting fireworks but i still unsure of what to do...(didn't do homework)

I saw alot of ppl carrying the New Nikon D200! Wah....envy leh...even the old man next to me is using one!!! *faint

Not to rattle on so much, here's some of the stuff i captured.

Weather as at that day...Notice the moon at the top...

My 1st shot....wat the heck am i doing??? Of composition!!! WTH!!!!WTF!!!!

Another weird warm-up shot...


Singapore Fireworks Festival 2006
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