Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Singapore Fireworks Festival 06-Singapore

Welcome back! This time is presented by Singapore team.

There's alot of ppl going down to esplanade this time round. Hew! I cant move my bum properly! I shall show the picture of the crowd.Scary!
As usual, 油菜 and MaRcusW were there shooting. Marcus was wearing his army uniform lah...So onz...
My dear friend YY came later with our healthy yummy dinner of bacon/tuna sandwich.

Getting more and more crowded! 8.30liao! coming coming!
9pm, Show started.... first few shots cannot make it... This time round is sooooo smoky. Haiyo! BUT... Thanks to Laney for passing me the CS2, i can edit my photos at home. I learnt how to reduce some of the smoke from some "pros" from ClubSnap forum. Thanks alot to all. Well, sit back n enjoy the smoky look.

click to view large image~check out the 2 person on the boat. So romantic
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