Friday, January 12, 2007

I've been listening to Mr Brown Show ever since the Ba chor mee pod cast, poking fun at the James Gomez saga.

I noticed since November onwards, it's been getting less entertaining even with more people on the show. No longer that funny lamness. Instead, it's lame lamness. Not funny leh.... Got "zho kang" or not.

Recently there's one that Can-Make-It, is the "closing down sale" pod cast. Commenting on how our proud, grand, patriotic-feel National Stadium.

I agreed they sort of drag the tearing down "sale". Don't want to elaborate too much, but u can check with those ppl who have participate in NDP or SYF.

I really have to remind myself to take a picture of this old dame before the bulldozers starts sticking it's "claws" on her walls.

Supposed to be LAST NDP. 2004.......End up 2006 is back in National Stadium....... =_='''
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