Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Toy coming, New Idea!

Oh well, EVERYONE is talking bout i Phone (i believe) EVERY MINUTE as i'm typing this.
The Mac world has announced and gave a presentation on their new baby, i phone.

Someone on clubsnap even said that soon, everything become i Wants.

The baby look fabulous. Sleak look with it's black background. With all the "chili padi" inside, it's way cool.

This leads to a discussion i had wif an ex-collegue of mine over MSN.

Both of us own the 2nd gen of ipods(the one wif 4 buttons and abit fat). Both of us drooled over the i phone. I mentioned that i'm quite thankful that i've not purchase my pda(not until i heard e news that it will hit asia in 2008).

I need something to keep all my NTUC, Cold storage price list in. Sound damn aunty rite.

BUT.... I was given an idea!
Can do a website and update...aunties will log on and check all the prices!

The local supermarkets will pay for ad space and fight for getting the cheapest prices in SG!

Ok ok... i sound aunty and $$$ thoughts are coming in. Oh well. Just want something to record my price list mah...
PALM TX or the trusty 555 notebook?

Queen of Aunties in the making.... sigh....

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