Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Defects into beauty?

Feel like a long long time that i have not blogged. Have been very very very very busy with work.

Presentation, emails, drawings this and that.

For today, i did something different.

I went to take pictures of a completed project. Boss's kah-ki not ask me kah-kia to do it.

Sounds fun, but is not... today's weather is hot n sunny. Giving e fungus on my arms more nutrients to grow... NO NO NO...

After going thru 30mins of taxi-uncle chit chat, i started goin around snapping and wondering what boss wants... Headache... i've decided to take what i see.

I got a habit of taking things with the sky. Guess its just my style. The wall still has plastering touch up to do. Quite a patch of dots of it. In what i took, it seems like part of the design. Unless someone is that free to stare and notice it.

Oh well. Can't wait to see the master's take on the project. Master. Must learn from him.
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