Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hASHbrown's shameless plea again...

Potted cat

Getting a little more comfortable with school and the lateness of my lessons. It either starts at 12 or 2pm except for Friday, it is a scary 9am lecture.
I learn from my classmates last night that in Archi, there are a few permanent residents in studio. Which means they stayed overnight in school, sleeping under the table with sleeping bags and of course, free air-con. I think i might do the same on future Thursdays when my lecture on Friday starts at 9am. That means i don't need to wake up 2 hours in advance for school.

Hmm... got to prepare my sleeping bag, floor mat, toiletries, and my ipod charger for my Sausage(ipod) to led me to dreamland.

Right now, i'm printing heaps of notes and stapling them. My papers are yellowed and recycled ones.
I need:

- 1 rim of A4 paper

- 1 big stapler

- 1 stapler that can be flatten and put into my pencil case(MUJI or lookalike ones would be nice)
- Pro account for my flickr photo page for only $24.95
- Hole puncher (my 6 year old one is spoil)
- a thermos mug to drink my dose of tea (i have 1 year supply of tea bags at home)
- I think that's all for the moment, BUT...maybe a back pack and a thicker comfy sleeping bag :P (okay this is a want, not a need)

Sigh.... i'm a poor student....
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