Monday, August 13, 2007

Quality time with hASHbrown, myself

First day of school today n i got abit mixed up with the time. My model training workshop starts at 4 on Tuesday! See wrong group! So for monday, my classes only starts at 2! Silly me! Ah!

oh well, i took tis morning to clear abit of my table n went out for breakfast at my fav 'dao huay' shop.

Still got a few hours to 1pm to leave for sch. i am now listening to my ipod n my ears r pinning for deeper vocal juices. New audio gadget?! Shhesh..... having a bad poison. It causes my knees to go weak n my fist size heart melt. Swirling into the bass of heavenly voices. ooooohhhh...... might hv to control till weekend to test out e systems.

anyway, here's a little update on wat i did over the national day weekend.

Shooting n more shoot n 2 movies in a row! Certainly delightful to capture e TRUE colours with 3 other pros. The feeling is very exciting when i got to wait for the film to be developed. I took a few shots on digital n tried to restrict myself to film. I am using a roll of Kodak film from my friend who left it in my action sampler.

As for the movies, i met up with 'not the usual suspects' n ran round sim lim to get stuff n headed to suntec for a movie.

Simpsons movie is what we wanted to catch as a group n I'm surprised tat Keith wanted to watch too. Okay, due to unknown vibes, we bought Bourne ultimatium(wrong spelling) as well. I tell you, this Bourne movie is so much better n exciting than the classic james bond movies. Jason bourne is without gadgets n lots of brain cells n muscle tissues. I enjoyed the whole movie n walked home feeling like Elecktra with the FBI.

There's too much to update bout the exciting hot weekend so as usual i leave my pics to do the talking.

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