Monday, August 20, 2007

New start on old me (M18: "violence" involved)


School has started and i had a little shock to see the people working in school. This new start for an old me who is around 3 years older than the rest is pretty challenging, but i likeee.... :P

Last Monday, we, year 2s had the project briefing. Two days after that, my other poly friend told us people are staying over night to rush and we were pretty stunned. Chinese saying is 夸张。

So over dinner, we began to talk crap on many ways to "stop" the others from working too fast and spoil the "market".

Not all methods are listed and i hope there is NO year 2s reading this. If you are from year 2 Archi, please close this window and read other resourceful, inspiring, architectural websites.
  • Make them lazy by constantly feeding them with cakes, soft drinks, fried food, all the fattening stuff.
  • Deploy remote controlled gadgets to destroy potential study/final models
  • Act blur and do 'badly' during class but have secret plans at home. The rest will start to work abit lesser as we have brought the standard down. When it comes to the submission day, we unload pick-ups and lorries loads of Design journal and study models, final models and 1:1 mock ups.
  • This method is purely sadist and not advisable BUT it is damn good. Spray sleeping gas 5 days and another time, 12 hours before submission. Those who got it will fell asleep and stop doing their work. Imagine when they woke up and discover that their stuff are half done. Tell them "You are dreaming!".
If anyone tried the above mentioned tactics, drop me an email and let me know how it went. :D
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