Thursday, February 28, 2008

Term break term break!


Term break finally but it pass so fast! :( Now already Thursday, tmrw Friday... Saturday will be a very packed day for me. Sunday have to rest abit. Still got to do site analysis for P4 and Urban module. *faintz

Anyway, my activities for the week has been fun.
Monday n Tuesday is photography workshop in schooL. Fun fun! It is a tiring workshop cuz i'm not used to sitting down for long n listen to lecture. Doze off a few times. However, i was rejuvenated for the practical part. HAW PAR VILLA! Imagine my bus goes pass the place so many times and i have never stepped into the place.

Slacking around on Wednesday and went for a 12mins run until i got my stomach ache! :( no choice got to cool down and go back to do my dumping....

Chinese Mask

Chinese Mask 2

HAhaha... Hopefully i have not scared you so much with the photos. But that place is really kinda run down and a bit creepy. Maybe my imagination went nuts, imagining those figurines have a life of their own and do their own activities.

Oh well, wish me luck in my 2nd term of my 2nd sem. It is very important b4 i head on to year 3.
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