Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pllllooo jAcct oooveeerr liiiaaaOOOoooo

Woo hoo! after nights over 2-3 hours sleep, i've finally made it pass P3! Quite a sensitive and potent concept that i did unknowingly and somehow enjoyed the whole program after i finished presenting it.

Big relieve! Erm... somehow i got alot things i want to blog about.
Let me list down 1st:
1. Acrylic human figurines 1:50 scale that i'm going to make n put up for sale. Available colours are blue and yellow.
2. The rest of the things i'm going to sell.
3. Rest for this week.
4. BUM AROUND! have not done this for ages... i wanna feel young n free again!!!

okay... plus 4give this potato for being so crazy. :P
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