Thursday, October 15, 2009

I did went to F1 race....

and i'm so slow....

Managed to get to the practice round all thanks to my bumble bee(without the black n yellow strips) :D. My camera is too slow for all the fast cars other than the Aston Martins. Took alot but this is the best i like so far...

Rad n rad n i love slanted fotos.
F1 night race-Aston Martin

Decided to walk around since my Slow5pro can't take the speed and action. I saw something interesting again! Remember the ubi-industral park machine i took?
Can bcum series riao!!!!

Desperate means to have a better view! Wow!

I love the night somehow.
Esplanade Bridge during F1

To all my readers: are my blog too photo intensive that it take ages to load? Juz asking. Right now is 10 blog post on the main page.
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