Sunday, October 04, 2009

10Q on my promotion to "auntyhood" level xx

*slowly uploading my fotos... editing it for your viewing pleasure. :D

up another level riao!!! oh no!!! i nid more facial creams to mummify myself...

Ok! This time round there will be a lot of photos, less talk for my dear readers! First of all, i would like to thank all my friends who posted on my Facebook wall and SMS.

Here's my humble birthday gifts from

Pre-bday gift:

Letter from Laney n Anthony. So sweet la! I put the 2 fotos with what u 2 wrote in my wallet. Oh-so young and glam pics of me. :D

Envelope from Laney

I decided to put these in my 2-year old bday gift from my cell group. Haven use finish lor...

Update to my photo scrapbook

My 2-year old gift! Still in good condition.
2007 Pressie

Did some update for 2009....

Diary from my cell group. The prints are so beautiful... I can't bear to use it. >.< Present from MKK-09

Argh... youtube been screwing up my text... Ok... I got class on monday, so i went for a nice sweet dinner with my bumble bee.

Before studio, i went to school early to get some work done. SiNi pop in with a slice of mango cake! I'm so touched!!!

Bday cake 2009

Left 1 bite to share with all of you reading this...
Left 1 bite

My 1st pressie of the day!
Got my fav Nyanko-SanX tape on it! Guess wat it is....
Bday Gift from Pam

Ta-da! My fav keroppi! it's a cup cover and i haven got one. yippee!!! another keroppi!
My gift 2009!

Decided to have dinner at this cosy japanese chain restaurant called Ootoya @ Orchard Central. Not much seating so we got to sit at the counter. I dun mind la...

I ordered hamburger steak and fried chicken with special sauce as side dish.


After dinner, went for a mini workout to HMV and That CD shop @ Pacific Plaza.

Reaching that CD shop, they r playing Michael Bolton's song. His voice so soothing.... *melt*

Think we hang around in That CD shop about an hour. I tested Yo-yo Ma's cd. Zen inspired tone but it made me sleepy. >.<

As its getting late, we pop over to the pretty dessert shop at shaw...

Canele Menu

haha....I got my fav black forest cake. Different from Hyatt's Mezza9's black forest. Still, its so yummy!!!!

Canele Black forest cake

Aha! Got my Sky Wu cd!!!! his voice sho shuai!!!!

Sky Wu CD

My online gift from Lay Har ha hahaha!!!! Muz sarpork her Speechless Cactus! I gotch link her on the side menu. Cute rite???

Visit the cactus more often. IMO, Cactus is better and cuter than matchstick girl.

That's all for my birthday!
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