Friday, November 06, 2009

Tea Par teeee!!!!

Wanted to take a picture of what i got from the supermarket. But i juz realised i lend my fone to my classmate as her alarm. :S Pictures will be later then.

Rushed down to Art Friend to get supplies for final model. Tough luck, main branch ran out of the thinnest Midwest Basswood sheet. So i went home in the drizzle to drop my dirty clothes n pack fresh ones. Room sweet room. I miss its cosiness despite the mess.

After having a pleasant surprise back at home (:x), i made my way down to Taka Art Friend like there's a 70% sale at Zara(ya right in a million years).

I took the WHOLE stack of what i see on the shelve. Only 11pieces of 0.15mm left. Found a few other wood size that i need and made my way to the slow cashier.

The bill come up to $100.15. Nice number.

Off to the supermarket and strangely, i don't feel the hunger. Must be the wonder of hashbrown at noon.
Got a mega loaf of bread, nutella and fav orange marmalade. Was staring hard at the range of tea. I love tea but the shrinking bank account drove me to pick Dilmah Variety pack.

x'MAS ligHts on its way up...
miss strolling down orchard road at night.... i need a good STROLL...(ya...that's how busy i am)

Ceylon Supreme, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, English Afternoon, Darjeeling. Welcome to my tea party.
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