Monday, November 02, 2009

weird people and bots

We all know msn there are bots asking u to click here "i got ur fotos" or acai berry sliming pills.
Some worse bots are "hi, wanna webcam.." what ever crap... and led to some kinky stuff that might land your laptop/pc into a whirlpool of virus/trojan sh1t.

Somehow this fella from china added me on msn quite some time ago... keep asking "do you speak chinese" and when i ask him where he get my msn from, he doesn't answer and divert the topic. I got abit irritated cuz why would i talk to people who act so mysterious... this fella's email is spawn all over google so u can do abit of CSI on him. Some artist from china...and i don't give a freaking care.

So today, he pinged again. In the cheeky mood, i keyed in 4 alphabets and press the block button. :D

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