Monday, April 03, 2006

Fabulous weekend Part 1

1st thing i gonna blog about is definately my all time favourite, high-pitch, funny, cool, un-believable, forever looking the same 费 玉 清。

He started with 2 medley of songs which i might have heard's more like a warming up for me...Perhaps i'm too tired from the morning n afternoon event(wont let u all know lah...know so much for wat)

After the 2 medley, he started chatting and thanking everyone for coming. Pretty humble person and having a suprised expression everytime the audiences appluaded.

I started to 陶 醉 into his songs and voice when he began to sing his songs and familiar tunes... Although he dont dance, there r v decent and beautifully dressed dancers accompaning him.

I just love his voice and unique way of performing... His head loking up. All along i tot he do it purposely.....but....during the concert, i realised he did it to project his voice better. Esp when he hitting the high notes... The higher it is....his head know lah.No nid to explain.

Guess what, he sang Hokkien songs!!!! Yeah!!!! My favs!!!!

He then continued to give his famous yellow jokes( 黄 色 笑 话)。Quite pathetic 4 of them.Haiz. Nevermind, his impersonation of other artistes does justic to it.

There is this hot sexy lady from taiwan. Cant remember her surname. Is 甄 秀 珍 or some other zhen. She's single for her age, older guys....r u all considering? Hahaha.... Should look at her hair. It is v nice....

After her 3 songs, my fav 小 哥 is back on stage. Kinda interesting that he do this..

He drank tiny little sips of water throughout the show and dap offs his persiparations and mouth on and off... The 1st time he did it, the ppl sort of laugh it off.

Maybe singaporeans r too manners-minded...

一转眼, 两个半小时 with an encore of 三 首 歌 is over. :-( I want more songs!

After 1 concert, 1 box set of greatest hits, oldies compilation, i have emerged to b a 22yr old 费玉清 fan-c. I'm proud of it...muahaha!

Some fans(i suppose aunties) went to present him flowers. On Monday, Straits Times reported that there r only 4 miserable bouquets of roses n lilies...

Kaoz, report until lidat. Dun compare us to Taiwan lah. We dun any how spend on Bird nest n tonic soup.

If i got money, i'll present him with 余 仁 生hamper. See how he carry. Hahaha!!!

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