Friday, April 28, 2006

The Return of e Moo Moo Cows !

They r back! Funkier than ever!!!!
I saw these cute ones while going down Holland Road yesterday. I those some funky ppl "took" it and put it there.
I'm wrong! I saw them this morning!
So cute lor! they got big ones n baby ones....

I'm going to take photos of those babies during lunch!!!


tis is super last minute blogging lor....Holiday mood everyone...boss not around....During lunch,I went to check e beauties out wif my fren... they r juz so cute!!!

See... Look like 对牛弹琴。。。

I like the pink cow!

Anyway, later, this evening, we r celebrating Ah Har's bday! I will upload e goodies when i'm free. Stay tuned!

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