Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Watch Out U Faker!

Contains explict languages.
Extend of rudeness varies from readers to reader due to different levels of imagination.

Feeling okay this morning....Woke up in the morning enjoying the bright morning sun...checking on my little sprouts....
then....I remembered my dream last nite...Shiiittt.....

When back to work, la-gi worse lor. KNN. Don't know which ccb Lj found out bout my stuff.


I dunno how to describe it lor. Fuck up man. KNCCB. Argh.

If i find out who it is, i'm gonna hunt he/she/IT down. Down like a Black Hawk Down. FUCK.

Some friends r not WORTH to keep lor. Know them is ok but no point knowing them. Climb on top of my head lor. I know my head is big, big enough for many ppl to climb. Fucker. Get off lah! Too crowded already.

If U r the one reading this, U better watch ur mouth. Talk behind me. Say lah. YOU BIG FAKER.........
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