Thursday, July 13, 2006

Goodbye to my 红豆奶。。。

My dear 红豆奶 flew off yesterday to Melbourne with his ever funky and hillarious mum. late sunday afternoons will never be the same without him... Our "play-around-silly" photo taking sessions and appreciating nature/elements shots. *Sigh...

Well, my dear Laney and 红豆奶... dun worry bout me lah... I can find ka-kis to go photo-shooting de... Heh! I found new model leh. Just keep visiting my blog for more updates lah.

Now technology is getting advance...Got web cam... MSN...Skype(i still have use it)... SMS and telephone calls. We can keep in touch more often. Helps us to reduce the bad feeling of missing everyone and sort of helps the economy... I think so lah.

Well, u 2 dun always squabble hor. Must take care of each other k? Dun anyhow spend spend spend buy buy buy huh.... I know shopping is very very tempting. Esp the stuff are cheap. I've not shopped for 1 to 2 months le... so heart pain...

Rmbr...Study hard and enjoy the most out of it k? When u got the chance, take good use of it!

Miss you two!!!!! Muaaaccckkk!!!!!
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