Monday, July 17, 2006

Movies To Watch NOW ! - 3

Updates updates!!!

Irrisitatble Johnny Depp is back!!!!

Woo hoo!!! He's soooo charming !!! I wont ga-ga over orlando bloom. Juz think he looks good as an elf. That's it. Not my type lah....
Keira pretty! Reminds me of some mysterious fairy beauty... Mesmerising leh....

MKK ppl post on yahoo grp say want to watch leh... Christina if u go back on tuesday, at least we can all go watch... Nvm...i find my own ka-kis.... See u online yeah? Stay tune here for more food food food, make u drool posts.

Johnny Depp AGAIN !!!!
Don't get nightmare okay? Geesh...this pic looks abit like erm... Queen of the damn! Stuart Townsend.

Find any things in common???

Okay okay... I wonder how Johnny Depp feel wearing that curly wig... Hungry???
That photo juz look like some Interview with a Vampire movie than a Jane Austen antidode.

Such features send goosebumps to my skin.... Anyway, Queen of the Damned flopped but i'm still determine to watch it on vcd/dvd. *pst, i'm quite into vampires. Heh heh....

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