Monday, July 31, 2006

Long awaited WEEKEND!!! n long long post

Long awaited weekend started from Friday night.

I got nothing on Sat morning, so charlie no chocolate factory asked me to go Devils Bar...
Huah....such hiong place(the sound of it lah). Never been there before, why not check it out?

Entered there round 11.20pm. Met some of his friends... Free entry leh. So happy.
3 of us shared a barrel(i think it is barrel) of beer. Ice cold beer. cooling. If it is hoegaarden will be very nice.

The music are mostly R n b and Top hits u hear from the radio. Not bad... So different from my usual Happy music.

BTW, I think the place need abit of renovation.

Wow... 5.20am... not many places i know open till so late...Headed down to Newton Circle for supper.

Home to sleep...

Woke up for lunch. My bed never felt to comfortable to sleep on...
Was out and about in the day and thinking of my October trip.

Evening time, i went over to YY's hse. I was early, so her granny was chatting with me in Hokkien....

When she's back, we start to talk abit bout the trip and settle the dates. I gonna take leave 1st.

Shall i take risk to get direct flights for all?

At 745, YY's bro(Steven) was asking whether to head down to kallang to view fireworks. So last minute.

But our last minute rush was quite fruitfull after all...

Today is More to This Life Concert
Thank you Charlie for gracing the event. Hope you like it and find it meaningful. I was backstage. Here are some of the blur sideview photos i got...

Song Item

Hip hop dancers
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