Tuesday, July 31, 2007

hASH-bitez: Waiting!

To my dear happy/sad/bored/curious etc readers:

I'm currently internet-less and waiting for my new broad band contract(Mio-hope it is good). That's why i've sort of been missing in action.

School gonna start in August 13 to be correct, but i'll be heading down on the 1st August and 6 August for briefing, tea-sessions, registration... hope i wont get lost in school.

I have plenty of pics waiting to be uploaded.... *sigh.... however my dad kip nagging at me for doing my photos. He said no point doing when i'm not earning from it. So "boh-bian"(no choice) i can't do it. I wonder if it would help if i get the 3M privacy screen sticker for my monitor.

Anyway, been quite troubled with people around me. Wonder what's the purpose of having a companion and such. Hmmmz...... okay.... 10more mins to my time up(got to resort to using internet cafe*embarrassed)

Stay tuned for more hASH-bites
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