Monday, July 30, 2007

It's a Tern lah...

Kinda spent 45mins shooting this bird. Spotted a few of them while walking along Rochor canal, towards Rochor Centre. It dived into the water right next to me. Gave me a shock.

A few days later, i was jogging along Kallang Park towards Esplanade and i saw a few more of these little fellas. The next day, i was there shooting them.

I got an easier time shooting them when they are flying against the wind(still using a zoom kit lens n focusing them like mad).

My 1st time shooting so enlighten me on what angles and composition i should do. If not, juz send me a 70-200VR or 300mm Prime will do. *Joking la. Already sounded so greedy.

*The colour is on purpose. Played with the AUTOs on CS.

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