Monday, July 16, 2007

Many many many

Cham... got so many to buy to prepare for school and some of items are spoilt and need to be replaced :(
Didn't want to blog it down but the list is getting too overwhelming.

1. Sign up broad band for my home
2. RAMs for my PC
3. 19+" LCD monitor (old crt making noise)
4. Teva Sandals $40-$60 which can last me for another 3yrs++ (dropped the idea of getting the comfy peach/black Timberland trekking shoe-sandal)
5. Acsic(spelt like tis?) or mizuno running shoe(got low arc feet...cant anyhow buy)
6. Film / normal scanner (mayb Epson or Canon)

Last things to get on my list:
1. External flash head (SB600/800)
2. Tripod head
3. New graphic card?

Excluding the later 2 items to get, i think i need almost $2 000.... geesh.... freaky...faintz....
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