Monday, July 02, 2007

Special post to Martin & Divya

i was packing my stacks of reciepts and movie ticket stubs and refreshing my brain flash memory of these movies... Crossing over
a british film that i watched and it juz reminds me of my dear chatty friend Mr Martin. The main actor's accent reminded me so so much of Divya of course...

well, a piece of happy jumpy news broke to me last friday before i step out of my desk for the weekend.

The two lovebirds are flying back to Singapore! erm... fly back on a plane.. :P

Oh...ya... hope you 2 got your tickets and it's cheap... i hope the recent car crashing into the airport at Glasgow doesnt stop u...

*to Martin... didnt get to have a picture of u like Div's... but when u are here, i'll definately do one for u... :P

*to Reda: if u r reading this.... hope u pop by for a week too....

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