Friday, July 03, 2009

Amusing Email and...

Was checking school email and i come across this from a lecturer. Pretty amusing to me.

Dear students

I strongly encourage you to participate in this competition with past projects you have done. It is a for a small shelter. You can do better than some of the entries submitted.

Prize is a trip to NYC!

Dr. xxx xxxx xxxxx

The line in bold is what i highlighted. Go NYC get H1N1 is it? That's where the 1st H1N1 case in Singapore got it from. Even if i win, i would postpone the trip or go there in a spacesuit.

*update. Another cool find my boss point out to me. He was looking through Classified ads Recruit(dunno for wad), and showed me recruit page got INTERNS- available and wanted.

"very interesting... See how much the ClubMed guy gets...then the Law intern gets 320-500 while a intern at sakae sushi gets 1100. Heehee..."

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