Sunday, January 06, 2013

2012 to 2013

Well well well... It's 2013! Where's that so-called end of the world??? :p 
Like most people who writes diary or blog or write-on-scraps-of-paper-dump-in tin method, the new year will have a new post at the start of the year.

Mine got a bit late as usual. Mainly due to work. Work, work... Why is architecture like this? 

Let's not get into the mode of whining at the start of the new year.  I love the start of the year so I shall "spring" some thoughts for the year ahead.


A year of loving myself
Knowing myself

A year of learning and choices

A year of tremendous changes from school to work

Thank you God for seeing me through those hard times. Fallen down into the dark valleys but Your great wings gave me flight. Not just once but twice or more.

Work area: More responsibilities, steeper learning curve. Even my work table looks more scary than my own room. I'm not bitching bout it cuz i'm thankful for the situation that i can learn and opportunity that not every fresh grad can get to do. :)

my occasional cheesecake feed to de-stress

For a few good months, i enjoy having time for myself. Sometimes i find a little strange. As most of my peeps who hang out with me for the necessary human feeding times, i cut down on carbs (other than my weakness for chocolate & cheese cake). Meat craving are common so the need for buffet stuns increased. 
In order not to spend too much and get to eat what I want to eat, i cook. Yes cook. Not some Michelin star chef or Ratatoulie. Still decent.

Steak is my love - Iron & Protein
Salmon is good too!

Other than eating well, i got sick a few times due to stress. 

Travelling: I love to travel. Due to budget constraints, i travel via Google Earth on many occassions. 2012 Dec, i manage to go to Bangkok(again, ya i know) and Taman Negara.

Bangkok was a solo trip. Was amazingly good till i wanna stay there and not come back. Posted some Bangkok trip photos from my phone - See 6-9 December 2012 post.



Stay positive.

Started the year with an old friend. Kinda funny that we hardly talk before. Some things can't explain. 

Places to go this year
KL (for visit and Anthony wants to go)
Kinabalu (confirmed)
Gunung Mulu National park
Taiwan/Korea (at least an overseas run)

Am not going to shop! Save save save!

Wishing all readers a good 2013 ahead. 

Be brave. Be strong. Believe that you can do it. 
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